Comfort Care Plans


Comfort Care Plans

Your home, your comfort.

We offer two plans to choose from depending on the age of your system and the operating conditions in your home. Both plans are designed to ensure safety, reduce the chance of a costly breakdown, and extend the life of your comfort system.

Blue Ribbon Plan

  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • 15% discount on all labor charges
  • 15% discount on any other charges
  • Full safety check
  • Cleaning and Conditioning service
  • Component test & report
  • Full mechanical tune-up
  • Priority 24 hour service
  • Additional efficiency tune-up
  • Additional anti-mold treatment

Standard Plan

  • 10% discount on all repairs
  • 10% discount on all labor charges
  • 10% discount on any other charges
  • Full safety check
  • Cleaning and Conditioning service
  • Component test & report
  • Full mechanical tune-up
Both plans include 1 heating and 1 cooling tune-up. Additional systems: add $100

So what is included in a Tune Up?

Great question! Since improper maintenance is the #1 reason why your system will go down, our system Tune Ups include the following:

Full Safety Check

Let’s start with safety. After all, it’s our top priority. From electrical, to natural gas systems, your Morland specialist will check all temperatures, sensors and gas/electric connections to ensure safe operation.

Cleaning and Conditioning

Let’s be frank here, your filter isn’t going to catch everything. That’s why your unit will be cleaned of dirt, dust and debris to optimize airflow, air quality, and energy efficiency.

Component Test and Report

This is where we get all nerdy. We’ll hook up our diagnostic tools to your unit and test each component and document it in your Tune Up Report. This way, worn or damaged parts are identified before they go bad.

Mechanical Tune Up

All moving parts are oiled and adjusted as designed, and all connection points are tightened. This slows the wear of parts and wires.

So is a Comfort Care Plan for You?

Customers with our Comfort Care Plans are always grateful to see us once a year as they know that our technician is there to help prevent failure of their heating and cooling systems during the hottest Summer day, or the most frigid Winter night. Our plans are made to be affordable, and to help save a homeowner the unexpected expenses involved in an Emergency service call and parts replacement. Over the life of your HVAC system, our plans make dollars and sense.

Other reasons to subscribe to one of our annual Comfort Care Plans:

  • Pet Allergies
  • Dust and Mold Allergies
  • Asthma
  • HVAC system breaks down once a year or more
  • Failure to replace system filters every 30 days
  • You like to budget your expenses
  • You hate surprises

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