Whole-House Fan System

What is a Whole-House Fan System?

Whole house fan; image by Freepik

A whole-house fan system can be an effective and efficient way of cooling your home. It works by drawing in cooler air from outside and replacing the warm air indoors with it, reducing the temperature inside without using a lot of power. This type of system can be used as an alternative to air conditioning or just as a supplement for milder days.

Benefits of a Whole-House Fan System

A whole-house fan system has many benefits. It cools your home quickly, often taking just minutes to reduce the inside temperature by several degrees. This type of system is also energy efficient and can save you money on electricity costs as it does not require much power to operate. Additionally, it is quieter than air conditioning and does not produce any ozone-depleting pollutants like CFCs.

Installation of a Whole-House Fan System

Installing a whole-house fan system in your home is relatively straightforward. First you should select the right size for your house – this will depend on its size, layout and type of insulation. Next, choose a location to install the fan – typically this is in an attic or upper floor space. It should be high enough to get rid of any warm air, while low enough for easy access.

Maintaining a Whole-House Fan System

Maintaining a whole-house fan system is relatively easy. We regularly inspect and clean the fan blades and ducts to ensure unhindered air flow and maximum efficiency. We can also check the wiring periodically for loose connections, damage, or any signs of wear and tear. Once a year, you should have your system serviced by Morland Heating & Air to ensure it is working properly and make sure all components are in good condition.

Whole House Fan Installation, Repair and Maintenance

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